Under Armour – Making All Athletes Better With 3D Technology

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When it comes to early tech adoption in the apparel & footwear industry, sports and fitness brands have most certainly taken the lead. One such company well known for its innovation and early adoption is Under Armour. Yet even they experience the hurdle of ‘how does technological innovation affect the bottom line’…..

The desire to work in 3D was present at Under Armour long before they got the funding, as the business side of the company struggled to see its immediate value. It wasn’t until they decided to grow their women’s offering by 30% and were faltering on meeting prototype deadlines that it began to be considered a viable solution to working in an agile, flexible and efficient manner. It was at this point that the CTO at the time engaged with Optitex to virtualize and bring 3D into the showroom.

For those of you that don’t already know, PI Apparel has partnered with Target to form the 3D Retail coalition (3D.RC), a group whose sole purpose is to help companies who are currently using 3D or intending on investing in it. As such, the 3D.RC will be welcoming Under Armour’s Jami Dunbar (VP, Apparel Manufacturing) and Lisa Struble (VP, Technical Design) who will share the Under Armour 3D journey.

The webinar will cover:

  • The drivers behind the investment
  • Phase 1. Partnering with Optitex to overcome the lack of in-house 3D capability and facilitating successful season development and launch
  • Phase 2. Bringing 3D capability in-house and validating it against existing 2D tools across a broad range of styles
  • Phase 3. Capturing forward design thinking and maximizing speed to market on the Misty Copeland line with 3D
  • Phase 4. Taking an aggressive approach to global vendor base integration in 2016
  • The Lighthouse Innovation Hub and its role in promoting open collaboration and innovation

The webinar will take place on 22nd May from 11am – 12pm EDT.  It’s an interactive webinar, so in addition to live polls there will be ample time for questions, and discussing successes and challenges*.


About 3D.RC
The 3D Retail Coalition (3D.RC), is a collaborative group of global retailers and brands, working together to advance 3D Technology in lifestyle categories.

The group will work towards accelerating and unlocking the potential available via 3D visualisation/virtualization, alongside helping members maximise it’s impact within their organisations.

The group is open to any retailer/brand currently using (or planning to use) 3D technology. For more infomation see 3drc.pi.tv.

*Software vendors and consultants will not be permitted to join this webinar.


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