How to accelerate when delivering change

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The last few years have seen the disruptive influences of the “Startup” economy, shaking up established business models and delighting customers through an improved customer experience.  Google is transforming the advertising sector, whilst Uber has streamlined the taxi industry, Alibaba carries no stock but is one of the worlds biggest retail outlets, I could go on, but I am sure you have read the coverage before.  Times are changing for every industry and company out there, being aware of their core market and transforming to provide a greater customer experience is an imperative.  I recently watched a clip from David Rowan, the Editor at Large of Wired magazine and he reached an interesting and alarming conclusion when talking about industry;  

“The world is never going to move this slowly again and if you don’t move at the startup’s pace, you are going to lose market share and lose revenue in ways that may surprise you!”

We all know managing change can be really hard, painful at times, but standing still or ignoring the competitive threats is no longer an option.  No change initiative or transformation is risk-free, unfortunately, this causes many managers to hesitate or lack the courage to make the necessary decisions.  The chances are that however fast you think your change programme is progressing, it is not fast enough. Being able to rapidly respond to market changes through new products or services, will be critical to developing greater revenue opportunities. Continue reading How to accelerate when delivering change