The 4-Month PLM Implementation Story

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4 months is a long time in fashion. It’s the time it takes for a whole season to change, and seemingly when it comes to digital transformation at Mustang, 4 months is how long it takes for a PLM implementation. For those of you who don’t know, Mustang GmbH are the oldest denim manufacturer in Europe….. With 80 years of denim experience covering most of Europe for both retail and wholesale, their span is vast. While they managed to achieve this formerly using the likes of Excel, local lists, and BOMs made in Adobe AI, they knew that a heritage business shouldn’t mean heritage it IT architecture.

We were working with a lot of local lists, a lot of mistakes, and a lot of time consumed looking for the most recent list. We wanted to make a big step into the future, not just for the present, but to be ready for the future.

Their challenge was to step into the future and gain more control over their product lifecycle, which in turn would reduce supply-chain inefficiencies and shorten time to market. They selected their PLM system, and in no less than four months it was rolled out.

In this video from PI Apparel in Berlin, Julia Dubowy, Director of Operations at Mustang shares how they achieved this rapid IT systems transformation and how it reshaped the way they do business.

We have shorter meetings as the data is accessible and 40% fewer questions during the product development process. We can easily assess our suppliers and are always up to date. Overall our process is 30% faster

The 4-month PLM Rollout Story – Increasing Speed to Market with PLM
with Julia Dubowy, Director, Operations, MUSTANG

  Watch The 4-Month PLM Implementation Story


In this presentation, Julia provides a great example of what can be achieved in a short period. To achieve their short timeline on what this long-term investment, they had to go beyond the standard checklist of PLM systems requirements and establish  geographical proximity of their chosen partner, future upgrades and integrations, and most importantly ““ is the chemistry right?

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