IT Systems Transformation: The DKNY Story

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For a leaner, more efficient global business, DKNY knew they would need to overhaul their current IT systems architecture. They decided on a full enterprise wide suite of tools including PLM and ERP selecting RLM as a partner, and identified future projects that would arise given the magnitude of the transformation…..

To ensure a successful implementation and subsequent systems integrations, they created a complete enterprise-wide system suite roadmap that would minimise disruption to the business, and provide a measurable ROI.

Now in the second phase of their company-wide roll out, VP of Wholesales Applications at DKNY, Cindy Payero shares how, alongside a series of changes to the business, they have been making this momentous change work and grow in tandem.

In this short interview, Cindy shares:

  • How they structured communications ‘bottom up’ to stay on track with the implementation
  • How a standardised communication process has been used to communicate new systems capabilites to users
  • How the executive committee has worked with IT for a lean transition
  • How they have measured the ROI of their transformation
  • Which departments have been most influential in the transformation at the various stages

IT Systems Transformation: The DKNY Story

An interview with Cindy Payero, VP, Wholesales Applications, The Donna Karen Company.

 Fear has probably been the hardest thing to overcome at any stage, but we keep working with the teams to get them confident on the process so they can continue to move forward

The key takeaway we get from Cindy is how detrimental a solid communications strategy is – it’s the one common denominator between everything from ensuring users take advantage of your new systems features, to maintaining the confidence of the board of directors throughout the transition. Comms is key.

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