Is Wearable Technology Fashion’s New ‘Little Black Dress’?

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It’s changing the world. Not only in apparel or luxury goods, but in every industry across the board. – Frank Furlan

Wearable technology has been around for some time and the general consensus in the fashion industry is that it’s here to stay. Some go one step further in saying this is one ‘trend’ all brands must adopt to stay viable….. As such, fashion, apparel and footwear brands are looking to other industries to see how their products can become a ‘wardrobe staple’ by serving multiple purposes.


This is a concept that has come up a great deal at past PI Apparel events. Brands like adidas, Under Armour, Target and THE UNSEEN have shown us how their clothing and accompanying technologies can measure and maximise athletic performance. Taking this one step further, and one step closer to the global consumer rather than just athletes, Frank Furlan, former President of The Swatch Group points to FitBit as a brand that leads in this field.

With 21.4 million connected health and fitness devices sold in 2015 alone*, they have clearly nailed the concept that now more than ever we are obsessed with living longer through living healthier, and have turned their wearable technology into a staple .

“The real benefit of wearable technology whether worn on the wrist or another part of the body is that it brings control and power through education and awareness back to the consumer. Through all the data it processes, it allows me to get a better understanding of the variables that affect my life”

As a passionate advocate of healthcare ecosystem improvements, Frank firmly believes that smart-tech is a must for brands to stay relevant to the consumer – and ultimately to survive.

We interviewed Frank to see where these waves in wearables and beyond will be made. In particular:

  • What has had the biggest impact on growth in wearables
  • The type of data analytics platform required to process wearable data
  • How wearable tech will challenge current systems architecture
  • The emerging technologies that will re-shape the industry


There is no question – you have to be engaged in this. It’s what your customers expect of you

At the pace technologies are advancing, staying ‘relevant’ isn’t just keeping up with what’s happening across industries now, but knowing what’s going to happen in the next 5 years, and building your strategy towards the future. Wearable technologies are the now, and we are quickly surpassing virtual reality into augmented reality. How prepared are you for this change?


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